How many diets have you started and failed in your life?

Diets always end. Diets always end in binge eating. Diets end with you feeling like a failure. Diets end in additional weight gain. Ugh! How many more times will you repeat this dead-end painful cycle? How many diets have you been on in your life already? Are you NOW at the weight you feel great about as a result of a particular diet? I’m guessing not, or we wouldn’t be chatting! I know, you’re VERY frustrated ... But a diet is a diet, no matter its package. If one diet (or 21) didn’t work long-term, neither will the next. The problem isn’t your lack of will power, but your lack of knowledge.

This program isn't a quick fix. You won’t lose 20 lbs in 7 days. This Program is a real, long-term solution for you to rid yourself of the agony and frustration associated with chronic failed dieting, emotional eating, emotional food-dependency, over eating and binge eating. With this program, you will learn to stop this painful cycle once and for all. Give yourself just 14 days to notice a difference... Wouldn’t it be really great to feel good for a change?

Definition of insanity: Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Diets are created to fail because they don’t address the cause of your over-eating. Hint: it has nothing to do with your lack of will power! The question is, can you be thin and fit without dieting? YES, of course.... In fact, NOT dieting is the way to be thin and fit and remain at your ideal body weight permanently. You will lose more weight without dieting and keep it off for good. Surprised? Don’t be, diets are built to fail so you’ll continue funding this huge profit machine!

You deserve to have your best body...

Are you struggling with chronic dieting, binging & weight loss problems? Yes (or you wouldn’t be reading this!!) Did you know that diets inevitably fail because they completely neglect the cause of over eating? Does the term “emotional eating” ring a bell? All over-eating; eating out of boredom or other painful emotions (sad / lonely), or eating because “it tastes so good”, is all emotional eating.

Can I share a secret with you? This is a FANTASTIC time to get to your ideal weight and stay there! Why? Because there’s a specific model that’s not only fail-proof and easy, but teaches you to eat what you like, when you like, without feeding your emotions. No pills, no food journals, no weight ins.....

This 9 week program will change your life and your body forever, guaranteed!

Hello! I’m Dr. Shawn Byler, Dieting Be Damned program creator. I’ve also use this model to maintain a happy, healthy weight for over 8 years, and dozens of women just like YOU are using this model to maintain and enjoy their ideal weight too. Want to join us? We’d love to have you!

Even with all the hype about getting fit, eating organic, and getting on the health-kick band wagon, 65% of you are still overweight, while more than 85% of you struggle with destructive body images & diets that don’t work. This is monumentally sad. Instead of living, women are loathing their bodies, feeling powerless, depressed, anxious, guilty, even shameful about their bodies and what they consume. This must stop, and this is why I was compelled to create this inexpensive and powerfully effective program! I love being thinner & healthier than I’ve ever been, and you will too!

With the “Dieting Be Damned” program you’ll learn:

* 9 simple steps for getting to your ideal body weight without dieting and staying there!

* To eliminate dieting, binging, emotional eating or strict eating plans (unless you really like them!)

* To understand your emotional eating, eating triggers and how to eliminate them!

* To stop using food like a drug!

* To honor and adore your body at all times

* Why dieting has never worked long term and why it never will.

* 5 Key mistakes you’re currently making that keep you from being thin, healthy emotionally free!

* To stop the diet, starve, binge, guilt, emotional eating & shame roller coaster for GOOD!

"Did you know? You have a higher chance of making an Olympic team than maintaining a diet long term? THAT’S STAGGERING! If you’ve ever kept weight off for 3 years on a diet you are as rare as an albino cat! My system doesn’t believe in diets, because diets don’t work. Has one worked long-term yet?"

Whether you’re 5 pounds more than you like to be or 150 pounds more than you like, you don’t want to miss the important life-changing information in this program.


When I met Dr. Byler, I was filled with self-loathing, I was consumed with food and dieting, frequently engaged in binge eating. Food and dieting was a huge source of pain, shame and frustration; a cycle I thought I’d never break! NOW, I eat what I like, when I like and am a perfect size 6 (and have been for years!)! My life no longer revolves around worrying about what I can or can’t eat or how much I weigh! The Dieting Be Damned program gave me back my life. I now have freedom and peace... I owe Dr. Byler, my Sanity!

Stacey Baum, Mom, Artist & Personal Shopper


Why not join those who’ve already learned to live without self-loathing, without shame and guilt, without binging or starving or fretting about food, weight and exercise?

Get Results In 5 Days & See Just How Easy It Is To Get! To Your Best Body, Mind & Spirit!

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Purchase your eBook now, and in the next 9 weeks you’ll join the many women who’ve stopped emotional eating, stopped dieting, stopped binge eating AND now enjoy a weight they love with their sanity intact!

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Dieting Be Damned Program


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“Can You Really Get To Your Ideal Weight Without Dieting?”

That’s the number one question I receive. And the answer is… yes! The only way in fact!

You have a right to be skeptical. There’s a lot of bad information floating around. But this is a model that not only I use, but more importantly, it’s the same model that dozens and dozens of women just like YOU are using -- to either lose weight for good or love the body they’re in and maintain a great weight.

Seems that pressure to diet and be unreasonably thin is everywhere; TV, magazines, internet... And if you’re in a place of fear and angst like most women about their body, I especially implore you to try out my program. What have you got to lose? If you don’t love it, I’ll refund you 110% of your purchase price!

You see, I’m especially excited to share with you all the GOOD NEWS we’re seeing with all my clients who are getting amazing results with this new “no dieting” model.

But the best news is how YOU can do the same—Get your ideal body without dieting!

Even with all the hype about getting fit, eating organic, and getting on the health-kick band-wagon, 65% of women are still overweight, while more than 85% of women struggle with destructive body images. This breaks my heart. Instead of living, women are loathing. This is why I created this no-fail 9-week program! In fact, that’s why I can’t wait to share this life-changing information with you! It changed my life and dozens of other women’s lives and it WILL changes yours too.


I lost 40 pounds by “not dieting”. Thanks to Dr. Byler, I’m finally at a weight I love and feel great! I eat what I like and love what I eat. I no longer give in to emotional eating, I seriously believed that getting rid of emotional eating was impossible... BUT, I am living proof that it can easily be done. Dieting Be Damned is right!

Amanda Jenson, 37, Executive, Hill Rom Corporation


Make this year the last year for the same old New Year’s Resolution to “Stick To A Diet”.

Diets don’t work long term and miss the one MAJOR component that keeps you from getting to and especially maintaining a healthy weight. Ugh! It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? But no diet has worked for you long term yet, right? My guess is no. If it had, you wouldn’t be reading this! I can’t wait for you to learn my secrets to never dieting again and completely loving your body!

Question: What’s the best way to feel great about your body?

Answer: Get YOUR best body... WITHOUT dieting!

It’s basically a fail-proof program that teaches you all you need to know to completely transform your destructive relationship with your body, eating and food, into a peaceful relationship. And dozens of women just like YOU are using this model to either lose weight or love the body you’re in by maintaining a great weight long-term!

In fact, I’m so sure you’ll love this program that I’ll give you 110% of your money back if you don’t!

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Where was Dr. Shawn Byler's 'Dieting Be Damned' book ten years ago when I was first trapped in what I used to call Food Prison and Emotional Hell!? Dr. Byler truly has created the Get out of Jail (guilt and self-loathing) Free card with her brilliant step-by-step guide to honoring your body and understanding what true hunger is. Her personalized approach and candid account of her own struggles with food, emotional eating and body image makes the program easy to relate to, use and trust.

Parker Wallace, Former CBS news anchor, Author, Writer, Speaker, Professional Chef

Emotional eating habits are unhealthy, unfulfilling and just plain destructive. We fall into emotional eating or you can say it a food addiction problems without realizing that food will never provide what we actually need, thus we continue to eat to satisfy the emotions anyway which tends to eating disorders

Try our Dieting Be Damned Program and set yourself free from emotional eating, eating disorders and food addiction based problems.

Emotional Eating - Eating Disorders - Food Addiction